A respected and independent association that is a dynamic enabling partner of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), committed to ensure that Filipino professionals are competent, globally recognized, and capable of meeting national and global challenges.


Support the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in developing, sustaining and engaging high-performing professional regulatory boards with the passion to enliven the core values of PRC and PAPRB


    1. Promote and protect the general welfare and interests of our members through active participation, interaction, and cooperation in all PAPRB activities;
    2. Network with international professional organizations of similar purpose for the exchange of best practices toward continuing professional growth and development of our members;
    3. Address issues and concerns related to national and global professional practices;
    4. Adopt measures to enhance professional, ethical and technical standards of various disciplines; and
    5. Attain sustainability and cost efficiency in operations through effective and judicious financial management.


    P – rofessionalism and Integrity